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Contacts & Calendar

The Contacts and Calendar user guide, and how to.

Using the Contacts

The PH Cloud Contacts is similar to other mobile contact applications, but with more functionality. When you first access the Contacts app, a default address book becomes available.

Using the Calendar

The PH Cloud Events enables you to create and edit events, synchronize to other calendars you might use, and create new, personalized calendars.

By default, when you access the application for the first time, you get a “Personal” calendar that you can use or modify as you like.

iOS - Synchronize iPhone/iPad

PH Cloud calendars and contacts can be synchronized with iOS.

Synchronizing with OS X

To use PH Cloud with iCal you will need to use the following URL:


Thunderbird - Synchronize Addressbook

As someone who is new to PH Cloud, New to SoGo Connector, and new to Thunderbird Addressbook... here is what you need in excruciating pithy detail you need to make this work (for all the other lost souls out there):


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