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Using the Calendar

Synchronizing Calendars Using CalDAV

Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV, referred to as CalDAV, enables clients to access scheduling information on remote servers. As an extension to WebDAV, CalDAV (defined by RFC 4791) uses the iCalendar format to manage calendar data. CalDAV enables multiple clients to access the same information for use in cooperative planning and information sharing.

The Calendar app provides both the Primary CalDAV address and the iOS/OSX CalDAV address. Using these addresses, you can use CalDAV-compatible programs (for example, Kontact, Evolution, or Mozilla Thunderbird with the Lightning Add-on) using the address provided.


The Lightning Add-on doesn’t support using multiple accounts on a single server as a default. You need to set to true in the Config Editor of Mozilla Thunderbird to be able to use multiple accounts.

In DAV Server view you can get the Primary CalDAV address. The link is: