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How it works

The application is having one function, to monitor the availability of the defined websites. You just define a name you like and the website URL.

At the specified interval in minutes, it sends a 'get' command. If for any reason each website return an error message, or does not respond within one minute, it alert user with a Windows alert message.

Note that for the monitoring to take place an active internet connection is necessary, else the application does nothing.


To create a new connection, from the Accounts Page, just hit the plus button to view the account setup page.

The connection to the DAV server you just need the follow:

  • Name - That is something you define. If you use more than one connection, then keep this name unique.
  • URL - That is the full link to the server. e.g. http://www.kainotomo.com/

When you press the 'Save' button, it will save the connection and start the monitoring. If for any reason the website is not reached, user is notified.

Websites Page

This is the main page of the component. You can do the follow actions by pressing corresponding button.

  • Add new website,
  • Ping all defined websites,
  • Reset, which will delete all the websites.

Settings Page

Here you can define the interval in minutes for the monitoring process. The minimum value to define is 15 minutes.


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