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 SMS Two factor authentication for Joomla!

Includes: C P
Compatibility 3
License: GNU/GPLv3

PHComm is a Joomla! extension that untilize the existing two factor authentication (2FA) on your Joomla! site but the security code is sent to the user via SMS message.

Joomla two-factor authentication is one of those Joomla project improvements which can and will improve security. This is because by enabling two-factor authentication, it is practically impossible for a hacker to use a brute-force attack to guess the details of your Joomla! username and password.

PHComm two-factor authentication is an additional layer of security, which sends via SMS  a temporary (time-based) password that is unique to a specific username and your website. The key gets discarded (and becomes invalid after literally a few seconds). If you don't have access to this temporary password or secret key, you won't be able to log in.

If you want to make your website more secure, in terms of login credentials, 2FA is the way to go.

This is a free extension but there is a charge per message. The extension uses PHComm API services for sending the SMS messages. For charges per message see Pricing

Therefore you first need to register an account to PHComm site and obtain the necessary API key. For more details see Documentation


This is the user guide for PHComm. Read all articles before use.