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SP Digital Subscriptions


A very powerful and simple to use component to manage Joomla! subscriptions utilizing PayPal payment engine. With this component you have all you need to integrate the security and ease of use of PayPal with the new Access Control System of Joomla!

Includes: C P
Compatibility 3
License: GNU/GPLv3


Taking advantage of the New Joomla! features of Access Control System (allows site administrators control over who can view and manage content), we designed a component that allow you to automatically create/update user's groups and status.

Combine it with any other extension that utilize ACL, and you can achieve anything. For example we use this component to sell our extensions!

It's ability to add the selling buttons anywhere (articles, modules etc) where the Joomla! editor is used, gives the incredible flexibility to create any kind of store you wish, utilizing your site template(!!!) and nothing more.

How it works

It is very simple!!! You just create a new Subscription and define the follow basic elements:

  • price,
  • duration,
  • user groups when subscription is active,
  • user groups when subscription terminates.

Then you add the Subscription buy button in an article. When someone purchase, then he is automatically login to your site with the user group you defined. The user is based on the email used in PayPal, therefore if he is already a registered user, his account is moved to the defined user group, if not then an account is automatically created.

When the subscription duration finish, when user tries to login to your site, automatically his user group will go back to user group you define when the subscription is inactive.


We cannot write here all the features since we would describe the Joomla features so we just underline the follow:

  • Build unlimited user groups.
  • Build unlimited viewing content access.
  • Set specific access permissions based on a user's group to your content (articles, components, menu items, actually everything).
  • Use it to as many different domains (Joomla! installations) as you want.
  • Users receive emails notifications that you customize.
  • Subscriber automatically is redirected to the page you define after the purchase.
  • Unlimited way to present your selling buttons.
  • Invoices (both access from back end for the administrator, and front end for your subscribers)
  • Ability to use discount coupons, on all or selected subscriptions.
  • Simple - Unlike other subscriptions products, the implementation of SP Digital subscriptions is just simple.
  • Take advantage of PayPal Sales Tax, to calculate the tax based on your customer origin country. Suitable for implementing VIES TAX in EU.


SP Digital Subscriptions is free. You can use it without any limitation to as many sites as you wish. This is the very same extension we use on this site to sell our products. The main functionality is full, and you can use it to implement a simple paid membership/subscriptions process on any Joomla! site.

The only limitation is the use of invoices and coupons. If you need this extra functionality, you need the PRO version at a very cheap price. Note that most of the users do not need those extra features.


Joomla! 3.4. For Joomla!'s requirements see Technical Requirements


This document covers the use of the SP Digital Subscriptions component and its bundled modules and plugins for selling and managing subscriptions on your Joomla! site.


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