With SP Digital Subscriptions you have the ability to create discount coupons. There are two type of coupons that you can create. We fixed discount amount, or percentage. You have also the ability to create one, or more coupons each time.

As always, you can create the coupons and insert the desire data. See below in detail is what you can define.

Tab General

  • How Many? - Define how many coupons to produce. This field only works with 'Generate' button, and it is aimed to help you in case you wish to create more than one coupons.
  • Reedem Code - This is the redeem code customer can use to claim the coupon. It is created automatically based on the item id to ensure that is unique.
  • Title - A name of the coupon so you can identify it. Many coupons might have the same name, but different redeem codes.
  • Type - The type of coupon. Can be set to F (fixed discount coupon), or P (percentage off discount coupon).
  • Amount - The value of the coupon.
  • Subscription ID - Subscription ID the coupon can be redeemed. (choose no subscription so the coupon can be applied to all).
  • Status - There are four states a coupon can have.
    • Published - It can be used.
    • Unpublished - It cannot be used.
    • Archived - It's already being used, and cannot be used again.
    • Trashed - It cannot be used.