The setup of the component is extremely easy.


The first thing to do when you access SP Digital Subscriptions is to define the options. You can access the options by pressing the button Options. From there you can access the various options from the tabs.

Tab General

Those are the basic configuration where you define some basic functionality, and how the purchase buttons will appear. Below we describe in details:

  • Redirect Link - The actual link to which users will be redirected after the purchase. Must be a full URL including http:// or other protocol (for example If you leave empty users will be redirected to your home page.
  • Show Coupons? - If you decide to use coupons, then by choosing yes on this option, a extra input field will appear in the purchase button giving the ability to user to insert his coupon.
  • Show Subscription Code - Specify whether to show the subscription code in front end.
  • Show VAT Number input field? - Use this option only if you wish to remove tax in case of valid VIES TAX numbers. Suitable for your EU customers. Used only with Standard Buttons payment type.
  • Show Price? - Specify whether to show the price in front end.
  • Show Subscription Title? - Specify whether to show the subscription title in front end.
  • Show Subscription Text? - Specify whether to show the subscription text (description) in front end

Tab Email Notifications

This options only applies for the payment type:

  • Digital Express Checkout and,
  • Standard Express Checkout.

When using the Standard Buttons payment type, in case a new user is created, the user credentials will appear on screen.

Define the email notifications that will be sent to users after a successful purchase. You may use keywords: {name} {username} {password} {email} {sitename} {siteurl} Keyword {password} is valid only for new users. HTML tags are not allowed.

You can define the title and main body of the email.

Tab PayPal

These settings apply for your Paypal account. Insert your live and sandbox API credentials. The Sandbox credentials are for testing purposes.

You define the follow for Express Checkout payment types:

  • Username,
  • Password,
  • Signature.

and for Standard Buttons:

  • Merchant ID
  • Merchant email

All above credentials you can get from within your PayPal account.

Tab Invoices

Here you can set up how your invoices will appear. You can define the follow:

  • name,
  • address,
  • logo (you can choose an image),
  • terms that appear at the bottom of the invoice.

Create a subscription

After you setup the general options you can create a subscription. From Subscriptions Tab you press button New. Again you may define the various elements of the subscriptions based on the available tabs. 

Tab General

  • Title - This is a required field, and it's actually the name you wish to give to your subscription.
  • Description - A text that you might wish to appear in users. 

Tab Details

  • Price - The amount of money to charge the subscription.
  • Tax - The amount of money for tax. Keep 0 if no tax applies. If you use the VIES TAX, this will not apply.
  • Code - This is a unique identifier of the product. Imagine it something similar like a product's serial number. You can define it whatever you wish, but avoid spaces and caps.
  • Available Days - Specify the days for the subscription to be active after the purchase. Default is 0, meaning that will be available for ever.
  • Active Subscription User Group - Choose one or more user groups where user will be assigned when subscription is active.
  • Non Active Subscription User Group - Choose one or more user groups where user will be assigned when subscription is NOT active.
  • Redirect Link - The actual link to which users will be redirected. Must be a full URL including http:// or other protocol (for example If empty user will be redirected to the home page.
  • Button Image - This is the image of the button to appear in front end. Leave empty for the PayPal default.

See below relevant image:

SP Digital Subscriptions tab details

Create a payment button

After you install SP Digital Subscriptions you should be able to see a button when you create an article. Just press that button,

choose your subscription and it will be added in your article.

SP Digital Subscriptions choose subscription


Automatically after that, the button will be appeared in front end.

SP Digital Subscriptions button in front end

When a visitor purchase with the button, automatically he will be login to your site and assigned to your specified user groups!