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This is the core Joomla Media Manager with the ability to easily upload and attach files to articles and all other types of content. With SP Download you can attach and edit files from the front end as well as from the administrative back end.

Includes: C P
Compatibility 3
License: GNU/GPLv3

Many times we want to attach files for download in our articles. We needed an easy way to do that, and unfortunately Joomla Media Manager allowed only images handling. So we modified the component and added this exact functionality.

While editing any article from back end, or front end you are now able to upload from your PC and attach in your article ready to download.

If you are already familiar with Joomla Media Manager, then you will have no problem using that component.


Given that SP Download extends core Joomla! media manager, it's usage is with a button from within your editor, where you can add an image, or attach a document file for download.

For example this sample.pdf was uploaded and added here with SP Download, when we were writing this article!!!

Joomla! 3.4. For Joomla!'s requirements see Technical Requirements


Read this user guide before use.