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Here comes the only Joomla! tool that is a Remote Extensions Manager and Monitor Tool.

From one place monitor healthiness, install/update extensions, and upgrade Joomla! on all your sites.

Includes: C P
Compatibility 3 2.5
License: GNU/GPLv3

SP Staging do NOT replace the core Joomla! Extensions Manager, instead it just instruct it what to do and read the result.  The result is to be fully compatible since we do not try to reinvent the wheel, just use the already existed Extensions Manager.

The communication is done via 256 key encryption, with password you define, so to make sure the connection is secured even over a non encrypted http connection. 

It consists of two components, the Manager and the Server. The manager is installed on the coordinator site, and the server to each site you want to control. See below image as an example.

In summary to install an extension you just:

  • Choose the stages,
  • Choose the zip file, click button install!!!
Also SP Staging Manager is having the ability to find and install the remote updates. That includes extensions, and Joomla! core updates. To update it just, choose the update and click button install!!!
Manage all your site's extensions from one place  
Use your own site as manager and protect your sites sensitive data  
Update Joomla!  
Update Joomla! extensions  
Update NoNumber Extensions  
Update JCE Extensions  
Install/Uninstall Joomla! extensions   
Enable/Disable Joomla! extensions   
Execute remotely any SQL query and PHP script under Joomla! environment
Email notifications when new Joomla! version is available  
Email notifications when any extension new version is available  
Backup sites with mysqldump and gzip  
Backup sites with Akeeba  
Monitor availability of the sites.  
Joomla! user ACL compatible  


See below some sample screenshots. Click to enlarge.

Stages View Monitoring View Updates View
ManageView Actions View  
  • Joomla! 2.5, or 3.x. For Joomla!'s requirements see Technical Requirements
  • PHP function MCRYPT and CURL must be enabled
  • only for backups function needed is php access to mysqldump and gzip. This is not necessary for Akeeba Backup.