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 Installing the package is the same as with any other Joomla! component. Go to your site's back-end Extensions, Manage and click on Browse. Locate the ZIP package and click on Upload and Install.

Categories are used just like standard Joomla! categories to assist you group the stages. With categories you can control for each category the access level and user rules.

The SP Staging Manager is the place in the back-end where you can add and manage all of the stages you want to control. From the stages view you can do the follow tasks:

  • Add/Edit/Remove stages,
  • Ping a stage to check connection healthiness,
  • Synchronize the manager with the stages,
  • Backup and Akeeba Backup,
  • Install any zip package file to the selected stages.
  • Execute any SQL query file, or PHP script, on the stages

This view is like the well known core Extensions Update view, with the big difference that you can see find updates for all the stages, and update all at once.

From this view you can do the follow:

  • Find updates on the stages,
  • update all or selected updates on all or selected stages.

This view is like the core Extensions Manage view, again with the big difference that you can manage your extensions to all your stages at the same time.

From this view you can do the follow:

  • enable/disable any extension,
  • uninstall any extension.