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 Installing the package is the same as with any other Joomla! component. Go to your site's back-end Extensions, Manage and click on Browse. Locate the ZIP package and click on Upload and Install.

It consists of two zipped two packages. 

The first zip package is the manager and is installed on the Joomla! coordinator site. The second zip package is the server, which should be installed to any Joomla! site you want to control.

Note: After installing for the first time the component on the stages, you will be able to remote update in the future from the manager!


Download ID

When you go to the Download section of our website you can view your download id. Add this download id, in the manager options, and ping your stages. That way you will be able to remote updates your stages, and the manager in case of future releases.

Stage Setup

When you install the component on each stage, go to component's options and add the full manager link. For example if the manager link is www.kainotomo.com then in options you should write http://www.kainotomo.com/

Note: The last / is necessary.

Also make sure if you use any protection, or firewall software, to add exception between the stage and manager IP, as well as your browser IP.

For example if you use Akeeba Admin Tools Pro, at the stage where SP Staging Server is installed, go to the following settings of AdminTools Pro

- Configure WAF – tab "Exceptions from blocking" and set here the IP-address of the connection used for updating with SP Staging Manager, and your browser.


- Administrator IP Whitelist: add same IPs as at the WAF setting to this list

After setting the IPs at above settings at AdminTools Pro, SP Staging is not blocked anymore.

packages folder

In the AdminsTools "htaccess Maker" add an Exception like this:

Allow direct access, except .php files, to these directories:


It is also reported on some cases that Akeeba Admin Tools modify .htaccess file and causes problem.

RewriteRule ^(components|modules|templates|images|plugins|media|libraries|media/jui/fonts)/ - [F]
RewriteRule ^(modules|templates|images|plugins|media|libraries|media/jui/fonts)/ - [F]


You can uninstall the component just like any other Joomla! component. In your site's back-end, just go to Extensions Manager, click on Uninstall. In the Filter area type SP and click on Search. Several entries appear. Select the entry where the Type is Package. Do not select the other entries; they are removed automatically. Now click on Uninstall. This will completely remove extension including all related data.