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SP Staging comes with the functionality of monitoring your websites healthiness. You can check whether your websites and server's services are up and running. You can schedule the monitoring to run on specified time intervals from your server (Linux/Windows), or any other scheduling tool that can hit a URL. In case a website/service is down a selected user can be notified via email.

 There are two different ways to monitor a server:

Monitors View

In the main Monitors view, you can ping/view/create/edit all the monitors and their status. The online column indicates, the status. The green on indicates healthiness, instead the red off indicates a problem. To Ping, you can choose one or more, and press the green button ping.

Monitor Edit View

In the Monitor Edit View you can define the type of monitor, selected stage, and if view the uptime and error log.


On this view you can define/select the follow:


On this tab you can view occurrences of the monitoring execution and the status at the specific time. The red indicator shows problem, and the green healthiness.


This is the log view, where you can see the error message in case of unavailability.