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SP Transfer is able to transfer data between two Joomla! databases. Read how to do it.

SP Transfer is able to transfer various items between two Joomla! databases. You install SP Transfer on the destination site, and you transfer items from the source database.

In no case an item will overwrite an existing item with the same id during transfer if you choose it. There is also a restriction in Joomla! where you cannot have the same alias of an item under the same parent. Taking these facts into consideration there are two important options you have to decide before the transfer.

Installing the package is the same as with any other Joomla! component. Go to your site's back-end Extensions, Manage and click on Browse. Locate the ZIP package and click on Upload and Install.

Configuring the component is essential for the success of the transfer process.

Just choose what you want to transfer and press button transfer.

On tab Database Transfer you have the ability to choose individual records from any table in the source database.