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With SP Transfer you can transfer everything. There are three different views that you can use:

The Core View support the follow extensions:

Users -> Groups Groups of the users.
Users -> Access Levels View Levels that control access.
Tags -> Tags The tags.
Users -> Users The registered users.
Users -> User Note Categories The categories of the user notes.
Users -> User Notes The User Notes.
Content -> Categories Categories of the Content component.
Content -> Articles Articles of the Content component.
Contacts -> Categories Categories of the Contact component.
Contacts -> Contact Details Details of the Contact component.
News Feeds -> Categories Categories of the Newsfeeds component.
News Feeds -> News Feeds Feeds of the NewsFeeds component.
Banners -> Categories Categories of the Banners component.
Banners -> Banner Clients Clients of the Banners component.
Banners -> Banners The banners of the Banners component.
Menus -> Types The menus types.
Menus -> Items The menu items.
Modules -> Modules The Modules.

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