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Who can use?

Actually this component is a must for ALL Joomla! administrators. Below are some of the many scenarios that you might need to use this component:

  • You have common general articles, or categories (e.g. Terms of Service, Privacy Policy etc), and you want an easy way to transfer them to the new site you are building.
  • You build a new site, and you want to transfer all users, along with their groups and access levels.
  • How many times we find our site that need refurnish? All those components we install, most of them we do not even use. We just want to build a new site and bring the content.
  • You installed a component that crashed your site and you neglected to backup?
  • You just want to duplicate a category with it's articles within your same Joomla?
  • You want to upgrade from Joomla! 2.5 to 3.x?
  • Or even just copy files via FTP. The transfer is done directly from the source to the destination host, with not any intermediate 'stop' on your computer!!!

Above and unlimited other scenarios might be where you can use SP Transfer. Besides who knows where a copy/paste operation is needed?