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What is the migration process in summary?

The process in summary is:

  • Install a new Joomla latest release site
  • install SP Upgrade on the new site
  • insert in components options 1.5 DB credentials
  • hit button transfer
  • deal with extensions

Installing Joomla is very simple.

In summary in order to install Joomla on the same host as Joomla 1.5 follow below steps:

  • Backup your 1.5 site and database
  • Create a new MySQL database
  • Download Joomla zip file from
  • Create a new directory on your root (e.g. called jnew). So if your root path is /home/public_html, you create directory on /home/public_html/jnew
  • Upload and uncompressed the zip in folder jnew
  • Go to url: to continue with installation

In details read this:!

When you are ready to go live all you have to do is to move all 1.5 folders and files from the root to a backup directory, and the j3x folder on the root.

For dealing with extensions read the corresponding section in this site.

Another good guide for the migration is this: