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PH Cloud CalDAV Sync is a CalDAV client for Windows 10 to synchronize calendar events from CalDAV compatible servers. Due to its implementation as sync adapter it integrates seamlessly with the native calendar app.

You can also sync your Wunderlist calendar feed to view your items in Windows Calendar.

You can find the app in Microsoft Store here

  • Summary
  • Location
  • Body
  • Scheduling
  • Recurrence
  • Start / End Date

It does not affect in anyway your existing calendar events on your device from a different account (e.g. outlook, gmail etc)

The application is tested using our own DAV server, which uses standard protocol RFC4791. Because there are many DAV server implementations you should test the connection to your server with free trial before you purchase.

The usage of the app is very simple. Read below documentation for more information.

It does not sync with Google & Apple iCloud, since those are already covered from Windows OS accounts.

  • Windows 10 (PC, Mobile, Hub)
  • It supports CalDAV protocol RFC4791