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How it works

The application is having two main functions:

  1. It downloads the calendar events from the remote server, to local Windows calendar. We refer to this process as synchronization.
  2. It updates remote server each time an event is changed on the local Windows calendar (new/modify/delete)

The first process (sync) will overwrite the local calendar events with those from the server, and you can define the interval of this process that takes place in the background.

The second (updating remote server) is initiated each time you change any event in the local Windows calendar. If a network connection is present then the remote server is updated almost immediately. If not, then it will be updated next time the sync process runs.

Because Windows handles resources automatically the above processes might be delayed to initiate. This would be a more possible in case of old devices, especially mobiles.

Note: It does not affect in anyway your existing calendar events on your device from a different account (e.g. outlook, gmail etc)


To create a new connection, from the Accounts Page, just hit the plus button to view the account setup page.

The connection to the DAV server you just need the follow:

  • Name - That is something you define. If you use more than one connection, then keep this name unique.
  • URL - That is the full link to the server. e.g. http://www.kainotomo.com/phcloud/caldav.php If you are not sure what to use here you should ask your provider, or network administrator.
  • User name - The user name to connect, which again you can get from your provider
  • Password - and the password... 

When you press the 'Save' button, it will save the connection and start synchronization. If everything goes as expected, then after some time you will be able to see your new events in Windows core calendar application.

Accounts Page

This is the main page of the component. You can do the follow actions by pressing corresponding button.

  • Add new account,
  • Sync all accounts,
  • Stop sync process, use this function if the sync seems to be 'hanged'
  • Reload from database,
  • Reset, which will all calendar entries from the Windows Calendar application. Use this button if something is not correct in the calendar.

Also in this page, you can view all your accounts, and the last time each one was sync.

Note: The synchronization refers to syncing the Windows calendar from your server, and not vice versa. Each time you add/modify/delete an event within Windows calendar app, it will update the remote server.

Settings Page

Here you can define the interval in minutes for the synchronization process. The minimum value to define is 15 minutes. We recommend not to put this value very small, since any change you make in the local calendar, it will almost immediately update server.

The sync process refers to downloading the events from your server and updating local calendar, which normally you need it to run when you start your device, or once a day, unless you are using a common calendar with other people.

Log Page

From this page you can view a history of failed actions during sync, or update from Windows calendar entries. It is just an informative view.

From the corresponding buttons you can do the follow:

  • Clear log,
  • Reload from database.


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