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How it works

The application is having two main functions:

  1. It downloads the people data from the remote server, to local Windows people application. We refer to this process as synchronization.
  2. It updates remote server each time a contact is changed on the local Windows people app(new/modify/delete)

The first process (sync) will overwrite the local people contacts with those from the server, and you can define the interval of this process that takes place in the background.

The second (updating remote server) is initiated each time you change any contact in the local Windows people app. It is not scheduled, but it runs automatically with each update.

Because Windows handles resources automatically the above processes might be delayed to initiate. This would be a more possible in case of old devices, especially mobiles.

Note: It does not affect in anyway your existing contacts on your device from a different account (e.g. outlook, gmail etc)